Outstanding News 2022-03-17 ANFFE PRESS RELEASE on the impact of the transport strike on the fertilizer sector

From the National Association of Fertilizer Manufacturers (ANFFE) we want to express our absolute concern about the impact that the transport strike is having on the fertilizer sector and state that:

-We find ourselves, after the recent rains, at a key moment for the application of fertilizers in multiple crops and geographical areas of Spain, especially in all the cereal-producing areas, which require an urgent application of fertilizers.

-Said fertilization is essential to cover the nutrient needs of the crops during the cover and to obtain good agricultural productions, even more so at the present time of lack of cereal supply in international markets, due to the war in Ukraine, which It is also affecting Spain.

-Fertilizer manufacturers are making all the necessary efforts to continue maintaining their productive activity at this time characterized by extremely high prices for gas, electricity and some raw materials, in order to meet demand and continue providing products to farmers.

-The supply of fertilizers to farmers is clearly being interrupted by the transport strike due to the material impossibility of access for trucks to factories and ports, and even to violent actions perpetrated by some organizers.

-Therefore, we reiterate the need for the authorities to adopt a prompt resolution of the transport conflict to avoid a paralysis of the factories due to lack of supply of raw materials and to allow the application of fertilizers and thus avoid irreversible damage to the growth of crops already the cereal harvest.

ANFFE is a non-profit association, established in 1977, which encompasses the main fertilizer manufacturers active in our country. Its 16 members have 20 production centers spread throughout the Spanish geography, with a production capacity of 7.3 million tons of fertilizer products.