Outstanding News 2023-02-20 Fertilizers Europe opinion on the European Parliament proposal for self-sufficiency in fertilizers


The European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association, Fertilizers Europe (FE), has published a press release stating that the European Union fertilizer industry welcomes Parliament's recognition of the important role fertilizers play in guarantee a sufficient and quality food production, as well as for the production of AdBlue for the transport sector and CO2 for the food industry. FE is in favor of the call by MEPs to draw up a long-term strategy for fertilizers, in order to reduce dependence on their imports and thus guarantee strategic autonomy in Europe.

On February 16, the European Parliament voted in favor of the motion for a resolution on the Commission's Communication on the availability and affordability of fertilisers. FE is pleased that an overwhelming majority in Parliament recognizes the key role of the fertilizer industry for food production, but regrets that the resolution does not reflect in a balanced way the importance of mineral fertilizers. With 50 percent of food produced with the help of these, organic and mineral fertilization sources should be seen as part of the same puzzle. Mineral fertilizers enable high productivity to be achieved, helping farmers to ensure balanced plant nutrition and produce high-quality crops.

For its part, FE regrets that Parliament is proposing an extension of the suspension of import duties. The lifting of anti-dumping measures and import tariffs would only jeopardize the competitiveness of the European fertilizer industry and its ability to continue to provide its farmers with the nutrients they need for high-quality yields. Ultimately, the proposal would lead Europe to become totally dependent on fertilizer imports.

Link to Fertilizers Europe Press Release: https://www.fertilizerseurope.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Fertilizers-Europe-Press-release_Parliament-Resolution-on-Fertilisers-16-February-1.pdf