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ANFFE is a professional non-profit organization, established in 1977, which brings together the main fertilizer manufacturers with representation in the Spanish territory. Its main activities are:

item Preparation of national fertilizer statistics and studies related to the economic situation of the sector, demand for fertilizers, market evolution, fertilization efficiency, etc.

item Promotion of the production of fertilizers with criteria of efficiency, quality, safety and respect for the environment.

item Promotion of a rational application of fertilizers, optimizing crop yields and guaranteeing environmental sustainability.

item Cooperation with other national and international organizations on common issues of sectoral interest.

item Representation of its members before third parties, acting in defense of their interests.


ANFFE is a member of the International Fertilizer Manufacturers Association (IFA) and the European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association (FE), in which it actively participates. In addition, he holds the Secretariat of the Technical Committee of AENOR CTN-142 "Fertilizers, soil amendments and growing media".

For its part, ANFFE is a collaborating entity of the Administration within the scope of the Ministry of Economy as the Association of Exporters.